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"Dear Dr. Shafir, thank you for taking such good care of me. You've made me feel so secure during this difficult time. I felt I was in the best hands in the world. Thank you again" - RA, NY

"Dear Dr. Shafir, thank you for your care. Your kindness is greatly appreciated" - GH, NY

"Dear Dr. Shafir, many, many thanks for your expertise and excellent care while I was your patient at the hospital" - LW, NY

"Dear Dr. Shafir, Thank you for your wonderful brain, thank you for your wonderful hands, thank you for the privilege of knowing you! Thank you for helping our mom during the most difficult times of her life and the trust in you that helps our family to cope with the fear of losing her. your gift of life has no limits! God bless you! We are so grateful to you" - The L. Family, NY

"Dear Dr. Shafir, I am so very grateful for what you were able to do for my husband during his recent surgery. I have been told your incredible skill and ability during the operation has given him a great advantage and for that I am truly thankful. We are so happy you are our doctor" - DF, NY

"Dr. Shafir, How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? Somehow a Hallmark card seems to fall short! Enclosed is a picture taken at my son's recent college graduation, just one of many things I am grateful to be there to see. I know I will be able to enjoy even more of such life's milestones thanks to you and the treatment and care your team gave me. A good life should be like a good book, the ending should be a surprise. Thanks you for putting the surprise back in my life" - FJ, NY

"Thank you so much for everything. You are a wonderful doctor" - T, NY

"Dear Dr. Shafir, thank you very much for your help, professionalism support and understanding. All my family wishes you and your family health and happiness in the New Year" - NF and Family, NY